About Us

Since 1989, SnugZ has always been committed to providing an exceptional customer experience and producing high quality products for their customers.


Humble Beginnings 

Our story begins in 1989 in a small, dusty attic with a crazy idea of producing a line of customizable eyewear retainers. We believed in a strong philosophy that our customers were our first priority - SnugZ USA® was born!

The Timeline

1989 - Our first product: The Cotton Eyewear Retainer! In the beginning of SnugZ, our eyewear retainers were all the rage and what we are known for in the industry.

1991 - We expanded our line of products to include lanyards when a distributor saw one of our sales team in the booth with an eyewear retainer around their neck and asked if we sold lanyards... we immediately said, “We do now!” By 1997 our lanyards were so popular, they were even outselling our eye retainers. In 1999, we introduced our innovative Clam Shell lanyard construction which is now imitated by nearly every lanyard supplier out there!

2007 - Our Personal Care line is a high performance lifestyle line of sun and skin care products with customizable imprints. For active lifestyles, our personal care products have grown to include Lip Balm, Sunscreen, Hand Sanitizer, Lotion, Aloe Vera and Gift Sets!

2012 - We introduced Zen® into our ever growing list of products. Zen, an extension of our personal care line, features an industry first of essential oils and blends. Zen provides the ultimate products for relaxation with an assortment of soap, candles, bath salts, room spray and diffusers.

2016 - Our Traverse® Leather line is the latest addition to SnugZ USA. With every order, the Traverse craftsman starts with raw ingredients: A piece of genuine leather and a brand logo.

From 5 to 500+

SnugZ has continued to grow over the years. Starting out with only 5 people handling all the day-to-day business, the company now employs over 500 employees, all part of the SnugZ Family! With so many awesome employees, obviously we would need somewhere a little bigger than the attic to set up shop! Staying true to our roots, we built our main facility in West Jordan, Utah. USA Made baby!


Even with so many orders coming through everyday, we strive to get our customer’s orders out as fast as possible! Several years ago, we introduced our ZIP-IT® Next Day Service program to keep up with our customer’s demands. Orders are shipped the very next business day at no additional cost.

Vision: Build opportunity for our co-workers, customers and communities.

Mission: Create connections with products and experiences that impress.

Values: Care Passionately. Work like crazy. Think big. Do what's right.

Quality and Customer Care are a big part of what makes SnugZ...well...SnugZ! With decades of hands-on-experience, SnugZ USA’s mission is to generate value for our distributor partners by providing unwavering service and quality promotional products. Our customers can take comfort knowing they’re working with some of the best people and best products in the industry!

What's Next?

SnugZ USA grows more and more each year. With nearly 30 years of experience under our belt, we continue to push the boundaries of what promotional products can be and what we are able to accomplish. We’re always moving forward, only looking back to see how far we’ve come. We aren’t done yet and excited to see where the future takes us!

Meet Our Team

With every screen, every fill, and every stitch we feel that pride of ownership that only comes after years of paying the price. The days and nights of perfecting, and then perfecting again, and finally the realization that we've quietly, steadfastly set the benchmark of our craft. All with one mission: TO MAKE.

Put a friendly face to a familiar name.


Executive Team

Brandon Mackay, MAS
CEO / President

Rosanne Webster, CAS

RaNell Lefler, CAS

Brittany David, CAS
VP of Sales

Justin Gukeisen

Chris Culley, CAS
Director of R&D

Darren Massey, CAS
Director of Manufacturing

Brandon Brown, CAS
VP of Marketing

Patrick Elliott
Director of IT

Jeannette Alcala
Director of Order Support

Gaston Lazarte
Director of Human Resources


Trish Molina
Accounting Manager

Lori Holdener
Credit Manager

Janine Daelman
Collections Agent

Tammy Hart
Senior Collections Agent

Camille Langford
Billing & Collections Agent

Michelle Blarer
Purchasing Coordinator

Barbara Burrell
Order & Accounting Coordinator

Michael Facer
Purchasing Manager

Scott Denton
Purchasing Agent

Judy Snyder
Purchasing Specialist

Cindy Moss
Accounts Payable

Judy Kammeyer
Assistant AP Clerk

Crystal Coleman
Billing Specialist

Tyler Frogley

Art & Marketing

Midori Murakami
Senior Art Team Manager

Shanna Mills
Art Team Supervisor

Chris Duncan
Sr. Graphic Designer

Jeff Anderton
Sr. Content Strategist

Cody Belnap
Social Media Manager

Kelli Ray
Product Development Manager

Sam Bairagee
Virtual Team Supervisor

Cory Davis
Graphic Designer

Kolbie Carver
Graphic Designer

Austyn Horne
Production Artist

Larissa Jiron
Production Artist

Trevor Quong
Graphic Designer

Sales Team

Sydra Newell
Business Development Manager

Kathy DiFrancesco
Outside Sales Manager

Steve Rone
National Sales Manager

Katy Burum
Inside Sales Manager

Lindsey Williams
Sales Executive

Carrie Conde
Sales Executive

Eboni Chapman
Sales Executive

Kelsie Pendleton
Sales Support

Jacob Fitch
Sales Support

Shelly Slippey
Sales Support

Loren Cayer
NE Factory Rep

Sabrina Franz
MN Factory Rep

Shannon Woods
Sales Executive

Sydnee Maxfield
Sales Executive

Stephanie Barrick
Sales Support

Samantha Weissbach
Northwest Territory Sales Rep

Customer Service & Order Entry

Jenny Evans
Customer Service Manager

Stephaney Houskeper
Order Entry Team Lead

Ashlee Dew
Order Support

Sara Guzman
Custom Care Specialist

Ginger Taylor
Customer Care Specialist

Rocio Cabrera
Custom Care Specialist

Oscar Cardoza
Custom Care Specialist

Nathalia Mayorga
Custom Care Specialist

Mario Melendez
Custom Care Specialist

Josue Galvez
Custom Care Specialist

Claudia Morales
Custom Care Specialist

Christopher Menjivar
Custom Care Specialist

Ari Streeter
Order Support

Aubre Bishop
Customer Care Specialist

Diana Gomez Mendoza
Customer Care Specialist

Jaycee Edwards
Order Support

Chelsea Yazzie
Customer Care Specialist

Stephanie Mason
Order Support

Megan Hale
Order Support

Production Management

Charlie Johnson
Facilities Manager

Dalila Perez
Production Manager

Eric Arave
R&D Manager

Joseph Fesola'i
Inventory Control Manager

Ashley Romo
Digital Print & Dye-Sub Manager

Dustin Tippie
Shipping Manager

Mohammed Fateh
Filling & Compounding Manager

Maricela Gonzalez
Line Manager

TJ Hansen
Line Manager


Jennifer Imes
Label Print & Application Manager

Spencer Edwards
Northstar Labs Sales

Human Resources/Training

Collett Ainsworth
HR Coordinator

Teresa Vitela
Payroll Specialist

Andrea Aviles
Human Resources

Beatriz Gonzalez de Camilo
HR Assistant

Sara Ascencio
HR Generalist & Safety Supervisor


Tim Stewart
ERP Solutions Architect

Dawn Wogerman
Information Technologies

Christopher Sanders
Data Analyst

Devon Garner
IT Computer Tech

Diana Mattuzzi-Berg
ERP Developer

Jeanne Durrant
Web Developer

Matt Murray

Compound & Autofill

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Digital Print

DigitalPrint.jpg image

Dye Sublimation Print

DyeSublimationPrint.jpg image

Hand Fill

Handfill.jpg image


Inventory.jpg image

Knitting & Cutting

KnittingandCutting.jpg image


Maintenance.jpg image

Print Standard

PrintStandard.jpg image

Production Team 1 (Day)

ProductionTeam1-Day.jpg image

Production Team 1 (Night)

ProductionTeam1-Night.jpg image

Production Team 2

ProductionTeam2-Day.jpg image

Production Team 3

ProductionTeam3-Day.jpg image

Production Team 4

ProductionTeam4-Day.jpg image

Screen Room

Screen-Room.jpg image

Third Party

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