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Promote your brand in style with our wide selection of Picnic, we have the perfect promotional item for your next event.



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Waterproof Picnic Blanket-in-a-Pouch
Waterproof Picnic Blanket-in-a-Pouch SKU: SL8103
As low as 9.07(c)
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Picnic for Two Mini Tote
Picnic for Two Mini Tote                    SKU: SL8105
As low as 28.48(c)
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Wine Picnic Backpack for Four
Wine Picnic Backpack for Four SKU: SL8104
As low as 90.77(c)
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Soft Touch BBQ Set
Soft Touch BBQ Set                    SKU: SL9801
As low as 34.98(c)
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Large Picnic Tote
Large Picnic Tote                    SKU: SL20106
As low as 78.98(c)
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Table and Chairs To Go
Table and Chairs To Go                    SKU: SL8102
As low as 75.47(c)
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