The following inks are available as stock color options on our products. See the individual product page to find out if a PMS color match is available for that particular product. Hover over colors for Names and PMS values.

Colors shown are simulated representations only: due to the differences in monitors and preferences, there may be slight differences in hue, saturation and tint. Colors shown may appear slightly lighter or darker. A PANTONE book should be used for more accurate color matching.

Ink Colors for Cotton, Neoprene, Nylon, Polyester, and Elastic



Lemon Yellow - PMS 109C

Michigan Yellow - PMS 127C

Primose Yellow - PMS 107C

Chrome Yellow - PMS 123C

Golden Yellow - PMS 1235C

Athletic Gold - PMS 7548C

Brite Red - PMS 186C

Vermillion Red - PMS 7626C

Flag Red - PMS 032C

Tru-Red - PMS 201C

Scarlet Red - PMS 485C

Maroon - PMS 7428C

LB Cardinal Red - PMS 7427C

Cardinal Red - PMS 202C

Violet Purple - PMS 7680C

Magenta - PMS 2612C

Rose Magenta - PMS 255C

Deep Purple - PMS 7672C

Pink - PMS 212C

Orange - PMS 1655C

Sienna Brown - PMS 469C

Dark Brown - PMS 4975C

Texas Orange - PMS 7601C

Khaki - PMS 468C

Flesh - PMS 7506C

Rebel Gold - PMS 7751C

Blazer Gold - PMS 7403C

Gray - PMS 429C

Cool Gray - PMS Cool Gray 7C

Blue Gray - PMS 537C

Light Navy - PMS 648C

Dark Navy - PMS 289C

Royal Blue - PMS 293C

Ultramarine Blue - PMS 2745C

Mono Blue - PMS 300C

Collegiate Blue - PMS 7689C

Columbia Blue - PMS 646C

SG Columbia Blue - PMS 7454C

Process Blue - Process Blue C

Brite Blue - PMS 2925C

Peacock Blue - PMS 638C

Process Cyan - Process Cyan C

Aqua Marine - PMS 320C

SG Aqua - PMS 322C

Brite Green - PMS 348C

Tahiti Green - PMS 3415C

Lime Green - PMS 355C

Kelly Green - PMS 342C

Chrome Green - PMS 567C

Fluorescent Inks

Orbit Yellow - PMS 809C

Golden Yellow - PMS 804C

Inferno Orange - PMS 811C

Flame Orange - PMS 805C

Missile Red - PMS 812C

Aurora Pink - PMS 806C

Neon Magenta - PMS 807C

Neon Purple - PMS 814C

Solar Blue - PMS 801C

Traffic Green - PMS 802C

Glitter // Metallic Inks

Metallic Mirror Gold - PMS 872C

Metallic Pale Gold - PMS 874C

Metallic Rich Gold - PMS 871C

Metallic Silver - PMS 877C

Red Shimmer - PMS 8065C

Green Shimmer - PMS 8281C

Blue Shimmer - PMS 8201C

Vinyl Products

Black - Black

Gray - PMS 429C

Kelly Green - PMS 342C

Maroon - PMS 209C

Navy - PMS 282C

Orange - PMS 021C

Purple - PMS 274C

Red - PMS 485C

Royal - PMS 286C

Tan - PMS 729C

Teal - PMS 320C

White - White

Athletic Gold - PMS 137C

Yellow - Process Yellow

Reflective & Vinyl Pouches

Black - Black

Gray - PMS 429C

Kelly Green - PMS 335C

Maroon - PMS 202C

Navy - PMS 281C

Orange - PMS 7597C

Purple - PMS 5135C

Red - PMS 186C

Royal - PMS 2945C

Reflex Blue - PMS Reflex BlueC

Tan - PMS 729C

Teal - PMS 7710C

White - White

Yellow - PMS 7406C